Proof of Ron Paul's Racism!

Here you see him laughing at a black woman in a wheel chair, one of his favorite things to do with his spare time.

Here he is posing for a photo, if you could read his mind you'd know he was thinking "I don't know what this girl is, but I'm pretty sure she's not white". He's also making a mental note to wash his hand after, since he placed it on her shoulder.

Here you see him using a special technique, notice how he is not facing this black woman? When questioned he said that he doesn't face black people when he speaks with them in order to avoid catching "African germs".

This is the same woman, sharing a laugh with Dr. Paul after he cracked a dirty, racist joke about Asians.

Here he fakes a smile with two of "his kind" of supporters (white people). Of course he really harbors massive fears since he knows at some point he will need to leave the room and walk past the two scary black men. If it wasn't for that fact, he could smile much easier.

There you have it, absolute proof of Ron Paul's racism. Now you know that the media is completely justified in their smearing of Dr. Paul.