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IOG is a network I/O byte grapher made to graph cumulative KB/MB/GB totals for hours/days and months. It is intended to be simple, fast (support thousands of interfaces) and integrate well with MRTG (not required). Data for each host is updated hourly and HTML graphs are created. It uses a data consolidation algorithm which allows for a small, non-growing database file for each host. Perl is required, no external graphing libs or binaries are needed.

Please send results, bugs or comments to iog@dynw.com. Especially report performance results if you are using IOG with a large number of ports.

Example #1, Example #2

Download IOG v1.03 (10/20/2003)
	* Fixed bug which causes router/switch reboots to potentially
          cause large negative values for that particular hour.

Download IOG v1.02 (04/27/2003)
	* Added newer SNMP module that fixes compatibility with
	  some switches. Included how-to by Sean Kelly.

Download IOG v1.01 (03/20/2003)
	* Fixed simple "NE" bug which caused iog to not run.

Download IOG v1.0 (06/01/2002)
	* Fixed bug that causes hyperlinks to be created on
	  previous months.

Download IOG v1.0rc3 (05/25/2002)
	* Fixed end of month bug that caused last day to not be
Download IOG v1.0rc2 (10/15/2001)
	* Previous months and days are now saved and linked to
          provide a more historical view of usage.
        * Minor cosmetic and mathmatical changes.
Download IOG v1.0rc1 (07/17/2001)
	* Added 64-bit SNMPv2c counter support, backwards
          compatible with SNMPv1.
        * Added easier way to change KB/MB/GB size to increase